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3 years on…A collective responsibility

This publication highlights key outcomes achieved by Hunter Partners in Recovery (PIR) since its inception and showcases signature systems change strategies. Hunter PIR has been highly successful and made a difference to the lives of many by fostering partnerships with clients, their carers and a vast range of service providers.

Throughout the publication there are links to the  wonderful videos we have created over the years; you will hear from local people who have been involved with Hunter Partners In Recovery in various ways. Please be advised that some videos contain personal stories of mental health recovery which may be distressing to some participants.

Download the report here.

2015 Forum – Working Together For Change

Hunter Partners in Recovery held a very successful Forum titled “Working Together for Change” in Newcastle in October 2015. People at the forum were very fortunate to hear from Keynote speakers Frank Quinlan – CEO Mental Health Australia and Leanne Wells – CEO Consumer Health Forum of Australia.

The forum showcased current projects, and explored issues around the themes of Collaboration; Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Community Engagement; Consumer & Carer Participation and Homelessness / Housing paying particular interest to the Hunter Region in New South Wales.

To access Leanne Wells and Frank Quinlan keynote speeches as well as the fantastic Q&A session go to the Hunter PIR YouTube channel.

Aboriginal Community/Cultural Mentors


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experience high levels of psychological distress at a rate significantly greater than the non-Indigenous community.

The Hunter PIR Aboriginal Advisory Group proposed the development of a group of Aboriginal Mentors in recognition of this community need.

The Aboriginal Cultural Mentors will provide localised, culturally appropriate mentoring support and ongoing cultural learning for non-indigenous people who deliver services to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people and their communities.

A Better Mum – Mellissa’s Story


Mellissa had been experiencing significant challenges since her troubled childhood. She had lost the most important things in her life before finding Hunter PIR. 

“I put myself in hospital … I was having a very hard time in life … I had nothing … I wasn’t a good mum, I wasn’t good for my children and I had to get better to become a good mum. If I didn’t have Partners in Recovery in my life I would surely be back in hospital.  Since getting better I’ve learned to interact with people again … my kids see a big change … I had to do a lot of work to get back up there.  Hunter Partners in Recovery help people get back up, they care”. 

See other personal stories of other Hunter PIR consumers and carers on our You Tube channel.

Mark – The Unofficial Mayor


Mark is a PIR consumer from the Lake Macquarie area supported by the Charlestown-based Neami National team. He had experienced significant physical injuries resulting from a fall, and had been dealing with mental health challenges for many years before connecting with PIR. 

“Sitting in the house no hope no future … thinking every night you go to bed maybe I’ll get lucky and I won’t wake up, now it’s completely changed.  My connection with Partners in Recovery has been the turning point in my life … my family’s got pride in me now that I’m not a burden to them anymore”.