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3 years on…A collective responsibility

This publication highlights key outcomes achieved by Hunter Partners in Recovery (PIR) since its inception and showcases signature systems change strategies. Hunter PIR has been highly successful and made a difference to the lives of many by fostering partnerships with clients, their carers and a vast range of service providers.

Throughout the publication there are links to the  wonderful videos we have created over the years; you will hear from local people who have been involved with Hunter Partners In Recovery in various ways. Please be advised that some videos contain personal stories of mental health recovery which may be distressing to some participants.

Download the report here.

Mark’s Message for PIR

Mark called because he just had to share his good news. He had applied for a support package with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and had let them know just how much PIR had done for him. Mark had worked closely with his Support Facilitator and said that it was this relationship that made a  difference for him.  The support he received gave him “a warm feeling, like coming home”

Falling Into Place 

In this personal story you will hear from Michael and Heather about what PIR has done for Michael, Heather and their family. Michael has been able to discover what life is to him, he explains how before PIR he felt that he just existed and that he was just “waiting to die”.

Julie – A Carer’s Story

“For all those years we went around and around in the same circle ….no one was doing anything to get him well enough … we’d lost support … we were very much lost and didn’t know where to turn until we found RichmondPRA who do the PIR Program … She’s taken the burden off me … I’m thrilled that Jayne is there doing what she does …”